The Roof over your head, and how its kept up…Should you be using the attic to store things?

A truss system is a triangle made up of multiple smaller triangles. They come in many shapes and sizes. They are made in a factory and delivered to the home site where they are set every 2’ on the walls top plate. They span from one bearing wall to the other which makes all walls …

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Are you in hot water, or out of hot water?

Have you ever had your hot water heater go out? Did it run out of hot water or did just the flame go out? IF so, no doubt the subsequent question you asked yourself was: Gee, do I have a gas or electric hot water tank? ! Well, if the answer is gas, then read …

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When do I clean out my Clean out?

In our on-going advice series for “Desert Dwellers” . We answer the question, “why do I have 2 clean outs? and do I clean them out?!  Lets break this down easily: It can be referred to as a cleanout pipe, or “clean out” or “clean-out”.  Either way, we’re talking about the same thing…those 2 plugs …

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Nest Thermostats- Do I need a Nest in my nest?

In our ongoing “Advice for Desert Dwellers” series, we briefly examine the efficacy of those fancy new thermostats.  We’ve seen them in the aisles at Home Depot, or perhaps even a friend or family member has boastfully added one to their home.  Most manufactures of thermostats today offer a programmable thermostat. The most popular, Nest …

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HOME INSPECTION basics for prospective desert dwelling home buyers

Searching for a house is an interesting and exciting task but it’s not without its hurdles. Proper scrutiny is needed before filling out a change of address card and all the actual moving begins. This scrutiny involves the meticulous creation of a checklist of big ticket problems, such as unstable foundation, shoddy electricity wires, property’s …

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