THe following pricing includes (unless line item) a 19 page, easy to understand and accurate report with photos both in digital and print formats.

  • Commercial building Inspection

    $.48 sq ft. level 1 $.67 sq ft. level 2 $.94 sq ft. level 3

    Icludes consultation, 19 page report with photos. Click or call or email for a detailed list of our 7 point, 3 level list of items.

  • New Construction

    $450 ea. phase. (up to $3,200 sq. ft.)Homebuyer plan: 2% of total building price less the lot premium. Owner/ builder plan:10% of time and material.

    All 4 phases include 19 page report with digital and printed photos.

  • residential

    $450 (up to $4,000 sq. ft.)

    Includes detailed assesment of from foundation to roof ...attic, windows, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and structure. Additional HVAC units at $89 each.

  • Gas Leak Survey

    $95 $248-stand alone

    Gas leak survey consists of checking for Carbon monoxide leaks. Survey also checks for Natural or Propane gas leaks from main shut off valve to isolation valves. Exposed lines only are includes in this test. A manifold manometer test may be required where gas lines are not visible at additional charge.

  • Water Testing

    $189 $248-stand alone

    Water testing is sent out to an independent lab and tests for various bacteria such as fecal coilforms, and other untreated organic matter. for more info on this test read here... Services

  • Asbestos

    $189 $248-stand alone

    3 samples must be taken from the area to be tested. 2 of the 3 samples must test positive to determine asbestos exists in that given area.

  • Radon

    $225 $365-stand alone

    Radon is a odorless, tasteless and radioactive gas that is essentially the product of the decay of Radium in the soil. A Tamper-proof Honeywell A9000 detection eqipment used.

  • Low-E Window Test

    $89 $248-stand alone

    Many people pay for low e windows in their newly constructed homes. During the course of construction a window may get broken and 9 times out of 10 the replacement glass is not low e. Each window in the house is tested to determine if the window is low E.

  • Pool and spa

    $30 $248 stand alone

    includes a visual inspection of the pool and system observations such as motor, valves, filter, pipes, and water features for leaks and condition of tile, cool deck, self latching gates, auto-close doors, and fence.

  • Green Assessment


    covers a broad range of engineering disciplines, including environmental, geological, health and safety, industrial, materials science, mechanical, soil science, and solar engineering.

  • Structured Wiring assessment

    $89 $248-stand alone

    Our service will not only help you understand whats in place but will aid you in setting up a system that will best fits your needs.